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Freshwater Floats

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Tommy - Fish Goose Quill Avon

Beautifully made Avons made with Balsa Body and Goose Quill.  As with the Peacock Wagglers these are hand made to order.  We carry a few in stock but delivery may take up to seven days. Can be wipped with following thread colour options: Metalic Green, Red, Mouve.  Tops can be Flourescent Fire Orange, Red or Yellow.

See options for colours

We have changed this to a custom made order. If you require these flaots please order them but DO NOT pay for them. I will conatct you when they are ready to dispatch. 


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Tommy - Fish 6" Goose Quill

Another hand made traditional float.  Beautifully made and finished with six coats of varnished.  Wipping colours can be metalic Green, Red or Mouve, tops can be finished in Red, Yellow or Fire Orange.  Limited number in stock but will be made to order.  Orders may take up to seven days to despatch.


We have changed this to a custom made order. If you require these flaots please order them but DO NOT pay for them. I will conatct you when they are ready to dispatch. 


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Chubber Float

Big float for big baits on fast water for Chub, Barbel and Grayling.

  • Available individually or in a set


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Clear Float Tubes

Clear Float Tubes made of thick clear plastic tubing with removeable caps at each end.

  • Ideal for the roving angler
  • Thick tubing offers extra protection from mishaps on the bank
  • 2.5" diameter, 9" long.  18" long tubes coming soon


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Loaded Waggler Offer

A set of 20 Loaded Wagglers assorted sizes from 2g+2g up to 10g.  Perfect for big waters, long range.

  • That's and offer price of 90p each !!!!!!!!!!


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Bodied Waggler - 3.5g

One float in this range, perfect for small waters or fishing at range.


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Distance Waggler

This loaded waggler requires additional shot thus giving the angler the option to alter the shotting pattern but have a loaded float that will cast a distance.

  • Available individually or as a set


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Tommy - Fish Handmade Peacock Waggler - Set of 4

These NEW beautifully made Peacock Wagglers are sold in a set of four, 4", 5", 6" and 8".  All hand wipped and painted and finished with numerous coats of varnish.  Each one is a work of art. Thread colours can be Metalic Green, Metalic Red, Metalic Mouve.  Tops can be Flourescent Fire Orange, Flouro Red, Flouro Yellow.  See options. WE CAN ALSO ADD YOUR NAME TO THE FLOAT IS YOU WISH.

These floats are made to order, we do have a small stock of them but it may take up to a week to despatch these floats if they are not in stock.


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Loaded Slider 2

Two more sliders finished with different colours and requiring different weights. Balsa bodies, plastic antenna.  Quality floats.


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Heavily Loaded Wagglers - adjustable weights

Heavily loaded wagglers for distance fishing / splashing.  Weights are adjustable.

  • Available individually or as a set


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Loaded Slider

Loaded slider, plastic antenna and balsa body.  Very strong, extremely well made.


More ...

Loaded Carpers

Fantastic Balsa Carp wagglers, loaded.

  • Available in Green or natural Balsa
  • See options for sizes


More ...

Unloaded Pellet Wagglers

Great floats, available in four sizes.

  • See options for sizes


More ...

Reversed Waggler

Serious river wagglers for all types of rivers

  • see option for sizes


More ...

Balsa Trotter Float

This all balsa stick is for fast water fishing.  Suitable for Chub and Barbel rivers in the larger sizes and general river fishing in the smaller sizes.

  • Available individually or as a set


More ...

Shouldered Stick

Available in ten sizes.

  • See options


More ...

Hand Made float Pack

A set of Peacock Wagglers and bodied Wagglers hand made by myself. Fantastic finish, assorted sizes.  Six floats per set.

  • Only available in a set


More ...

Hand made Slider Pack

A set of handmade sliders ranging from 3.5g up to 15g.  Super high vis finish, you will not buy commercially made floats like these. Six floats in a set.

  • Only available as a set


More ...

Hand made Peacock Waggler pack

A set of eight hand made peacock wagglers. Top quality I can assure you and you will not buy commercial made floats like these.

  • Only available as a set


More ...

Set of 10 assorted Wagglers for Commercial Carp Waters

This set has floats from 3g up to 14g.  They will coaver all Commercial Carp waters as well as all other situations you are likely to encounter.  Beautifully finished and they cast like a rocket.

  • Warm weather is coming, don't miss out on this offer


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  5. Peacock Waggler Kit
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