Pirks, Speed Jigs and Yanns

Jigs / Lead Heads / Jig Heads

Sea Fishing Treble Hooks

Sea Fishing Hooks

Vynil Squids ands Muppets

Wrecking Rigs and Mackerel Feathers

Soft Plastic Lures

Sidewinder, Tsunami, Redgill Sandeels

Bass Lures

Split Rings, Lead Clips and Bait Clips

Trace Wire, Double Crimps, Heavy Trace Wire, Heavy Mono

Attractor Beads, Rig Beads, Rubber Beads etc

Tope, Shark and Skate Traces

Swivels and Booms

Sea Fishing Rig Making Components

Mono and Braid

General Sea Fishing Accessories

Ready Tied Sea Fishing Rigs

Sea Fishing Lead Weights

Turbot Fishing

Bass Fishing Lures

Plaice Fishing

Big Cod / Halibut Tackle for Norway


Fresh Water Rods and Reels

Float Making Equipment

Freshwater Floats

General Freshwater Accessories

Feeders ,Shot, Float Stops, Bait Droppers, Hook Boxes

Carp and Barbel Leads

Carp and Tench Rig Tube, Beads, Tail Rubbers, Lead Safety Clips etc

Carp Swivels, Rings, Hook Length Material, Hair Riggers etc

Specialist / Carp Rig Making Components

Barbel Fishing Accessories

Freshwater hooks and Trebles

Pike Lures

Perch Lures /Drop Shotting

Pike, Zander and Perch Fishing Accessories

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Freshwater Floats

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